Upskill Vermont Scholarship Application

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The Upksill Vermont Scholarship provides up to two free UVM courses to eligible Vermonters. Funds are limited--  Get started here!
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The Upskill Vermont Scholarship is open to eligible Vermonters.

Eligible Vermonters may apply for a maximum of two scholarships.

The Upskill Vermont Scholarship program beginning June 29, 2022 is limited to two scholarships for eligible Vermont residents. However we welcome your participation in any of our courses and programs. Feel free to contact us!
Persons in family/household Annual Household Income (300% of the federal poverty guidelines)
1 $40,770
2 $54,930
3 $69,090
4 $83,250
5 $97,410
6 $111,570
7 $125,730
8 $139,890
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $14,160 for each additional person

To avoid registration delays, please use the same email address in all steps of the registration process

Responses below will be kept strictly confidential and used only for reporting anonymously to the State of Vermont.

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